Mission:A public charity devoted to improving the quality of human life through science and education, the Center for Human Science is designed to provide carefully selected young scholars and researcher with a living environment that will stimulate breakthroughs in understanding the dynamics of how individuals and groups of all sizes evolve and change over space and time in the context of natural, human-built, and social environments.

Human Science, as a field, is the study of human being, by human being, for human beings. It combines the perspectives, methods, and theories of many other fields for a holistic approach to the human experience. Human science uses human raitonality to understand human irrationality, abstract reasoning to understand personal feelings, mathematics to understand emotions and social movements. It involves understanding how individuals behave in different groups and relate themselves to their own groups as well as others.

The Center for Human Science supports three communities:

a) a residential community of 12-18 pre- and post-doctoral students is tasked with working together to "discover, discuss, and disseminate" the latest theories, methods, and findings from across the spectrum of human science disciplines.

b) a local Triangle-area community of academics who are invited to give talks, serve as resource people for scholarly publications, form the basis for professional networks, and come together for meals, meetings, and social events.

c) a world-wide community of faculty and students involved in teaching and research.